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Discover potential growth in the UAE construction industry from residential, non-residential, as well as strategic infrastructure.

UAE Construction Consulting Firm
UAE Construction & Infrastructure Consulting
Extensive opportunities are present in this industry. Construction market in the UAE is forecasted to see a CAGR of 5.5% over 2019-2024. It is also seeing some technological disruptions, including 3D printing and automation.

Under the Vision of 2021, the UAE is aiming to create a sustainable environment and infrastructure. The country placed first regionally and 17th globally in terms of infrastructure ranking. Infrastructure projects in the UAE will reach USD 89.3 billion in value by 2026. Huge investments are pumped into transportation, energy and tourism infrastructure.

Market Research UAE offers construction and infrastructure advisory services across various areas such as urban redevelopment, sustainable infrastructure, construction digitization, smart cities and buildings, HVAC, and others. We're experienced in working with different players in this industry, providing us the capability to provide the right know-how strategy.

Our Key Service Offerings

UAE Market Intelligence

Through our hands-on experiences, we manage to provide clients with practical insights and help them to identify changes in the market demand as well as new competitive threats.

UAE Market Entry

Several actionable options are considered to reduce financial uncertainty for our clients by providing informations on customers, channels, partners, competitors and other market dynamics.

UAE Competitive Intelligence

We make comprehensive analysis on market competition in the UAE and make sure to gain understanding from best practices. We promise to give unique advantage for clients by discovering market opportunities, room for growth and blind spots.

UAE Customer Intelligence

For the development of new products, our team will analyze customers' buying persona and identify their behavior, demographic and buying trends.

Our Success Stories

Feasibility & Growth Strategy for a Building Materials Company in the GCC

Developing a feasibility and growth strategy for one of the largest European building materials company to increase presence in the GCC.


Our Success Stories

Global Construction Materials Player Manufacturing Plant Feasibility Study

Conducting a feasibility study for a global construction materials company to enter the GCC market.



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