Feasibility & Growth Strategy for a Building Materials Company in the GCC

13 May 2020   |  UAE

icon our client CLIENT

Developing a feasibility and growth strategy for one of the largest European building materials company to increase presence in the GCC.

icon issue ISSUE

Our client was one of the largest European companies in the field of waterproofing and insulation products. The company, with minimal presence in the GCC, hired YCP Solidiance to look into alternative options that would increase operations and presence in the GCC, including the UAE.

building materials company

icon solution SOLUTION

YCP Solidiance performed a detailed feasibility study and strategize for different entry and growth options. Our consultants traveled and covered all of GCC’s regions and channels for a complete mapping of the market.

icon approach APPROACH

YCP Solidiance placed a team of experienced consultants in the GCC on the ground to perform a comprehensive feasibility analysis on the alternative entry options while analyzing competition (including capacity, value chain, and channels, geographic focus, commercial strategy), pricing, distribution, and raw material supply. The deliverables of the feasibility study included commercial, financial, and operational components.

icon engagement roi ENGAGEMENT ROI

The client was provided with a comprehensive feasibility study of the different options including a market share penetration and growth model to 2020, as well as a full report about the waterproofing and insulation market. YCP Solidiance ultimately recommended the best country in the GCC to start operations, coupled with a product promotion strategy, as the most sustainable way forward. The results were presented to national and regional heads and were acknowledged to be reflective of reality, helpful with concrete recommendations, and precisely what they needed to penetrate and grow in the next 5 years.