Healthcare Management Consulting Firm UAE

20 Jun 2019   |  UAE

Healthcare Management Consulting Firm United Arab Emirates (UAE) helps clients in capturing the healthcare market of the UAE, the federation of the seven emirates along the eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula, as well as the fifth wealthiest country in Middle East. Our dedicated and committed consultants are able to highlight challenges and opportunities in one of the the country’s healthcare industry and help the clients to enter UAE healthcare market as well as create profitable and sustainable growth for their businesses.

Healthcare Management Consulting Firm UAE is a B2B advisory firm trusted by our clients, ranging from multinational Fortune 500 to government agencies, in delivering evidence-based market strategies in the country and region broadly. Being one of top consulting firms, we provide market strategy in healthcare industry, including biotechnology or life science, medical devices and diagnostics, as well as hospitals and healthcare services.

Our team are equipped with tailored healthcare market knowledge, analysis, insights and strategic recommendations to serve each of our client’s specific challenges and barriers to success in the marketplace. We are committed in supporting our clients’ understanding of the market in which they compete in to ensure our clients’ decisions are made timely and well-informed. Through the philosophy of making your success is our success by working in partnership with our clients, we are confident to state that the repeat rate of our client has resulted in over 90%.

We consider ourselves the true advisors in the Middle East, as our team is comprised of professional consultants with extensive projects experience in the sector locally in the Emirates, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as regionally across the GCC and Asia Pacific. The experience in Asia Pacific and Arab world is what sets us apart from the rest. To gather insights directly from customers, suppliers, and intermediaries in the marketplace, the team of Healthcare Management Consulting Firm UAE are well-trained to be adept and resourceful. These insights will be analyzed and developed by our experts to create actionable and sustainable healthcare business strategies.

Healthcare Management Consulting Firm UAE executes all projects in-house with a straightforward work method which is to get the work done in the field and extract relevant information from key stakeholders and experts in the marketplace. We also ensure all insights are cross-checked and verified by our established networks in the healthcare industry on the ground, beside getting insights and analysis from our own experts and consultants. This approach helps to ensure that we are providing strategic insights based on direct findings in real-time and interpreting as well as analyzing something more than just data.

A home to 8.1 million population within 77,700 sq km area, UAE is located at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. The country has well-established infrastructure, a stable political system, and considered to be one of the most liberal trade regimes in the Gulf region. It continues to be attractive and relevant to businesses from around the world and as a hub for the region and beyond. The country has successfully diversified its economic base from over-reliance on the energy sector. Now it has been noted for its modern infrastructure, international events, as well as a trade and transport hub. Furthermore the UAE also possesses among the highest per capita incomes in the world.

Through a comprehensive, government-funded health service along with a rapidly developing private health sector, the UAE delivers a high standard of healthcare to its population. The country has life expectancy of 76.8 years, due to the success of its high standard of care across all stages of the healthcare system. Modernization and path of reform is now evolving the funding system of healthcare in the UAE, which has been funded mainly by the government, to focus on increasingly important public-private partnerships. Through the Vision 2021, UAE is planning to provide world-class healthcare system.

Healthcare Management Consulting Firm UAE team will provide market sizing, and segmentation, industry analysis, customer segmentation, and channel management through the Market Intelligence service. Combined with UAE marketplace insights in discovering new consumer trends and competitors, our market intelligence services are offered as the assessment of the market data gathered in-house. Healthcare Management Consulting Firm UAE also help our clients in anticipating the fast shift market demands and profile emerging competitive threats.

Our team also provides market analysis and market entry-strategy, alliances, joint ventures, site locations analysis, product and pricing strategy, M&A and licensing, as well as suppliers, outsources and distributors search through Market Entry service, We will analyze relevant factors which must be considered when deciding the viability of our clients' entry into UAE market.

Adding to that, through Competitive Intelligence service, our team will provide clients with competition analysis, best practices benchmarking, competitor blind spots, as well as track existing and upcoming competition. Through discovering competitors’ blind spots, improving on others’ successes, as well as leveraging unaddressed opportunities, we ensure that our clients will gain strategic advantage Our team works to identify room for our clients’ growth by comparing our clients’ business’ capabilities, structures, customer benefits and processes against competitors. Furthermore, we also analyze the customers’ buying trends for strategic input in new products development and real product testing with targeted customers simultaneously to gain direct and valuable insights.

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