Best Business to Start in UAE

24 Jan 2022   |  UAE

Dubai's commercial environment is well-known around the world. Aside from having an extremely appealing tax policy — zero percent on both personal and corporate income – the emirate is in an ideal global location for commerce with Europe, Asia, North Africa, and beyond.

Dubai is also regarded as a supportive environment for entrepreneurs, with several incentives and incubator programs available to assist firms in thriving and growing. The emirate is also consistently ranked in the top 10 of the World Bank's ease of doing business index.

Small Business Opportunities in UAE

Small Business Opportunities in UAE

The UAE has become a household name among investors, home to successful entrepreneurs due to the region's supportive sandbox environment. Because of the investor-friendly administration, Dubai, Abu Dubai, and the country's other emirates have become the ideal ground for company growth and development. Additionally, Government policies and cutting-edge infrastructure help small enterprises and large organizations explore opportunities and expand their presence in the middle east region.

Looking at the top ten firms in Dubai 2021 offers a solid notion of which businesses will thrive in the future. Simultaneously, it is beneficial to be aware of the leading companies to explore UAE business opportunities.


UAE Manufacture

The pandemic's limits have changed the industrial business, offering up hitherto untapped opportunities for producers. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and sanitizers have experienced exceptional growth, with no signs of abating anytime soon.

In addition, Many F&B (Food and Beverage) firms have expanded output to meet the restriction, but there is still enough demand for new enterprises to satisfy.


UAE IT solution

Dubai has become a magnet for international tech-based enterprises as the government rolls out policies and programs to stimulate tech innovation and recruit tech entrepreneurs to become the world's smartest city by 2030. These solutions have contributed to the rising popularity of IT solutions in Dubai.

Robotic Automation and Artificial Intelligence are becoming increasingly prevalent in huge organizations, bringing them closer to daily lives. They demand services regularly, which is where IT solutions come in. Furthermore, IT solution service providers were among the most lucrative firms in 2020 and 2021, expecting to double down in the following years.


UAE Logistics

The UAE has excellent sea, land, and air connectivity, making it a perfect freight or cargo firm site. The logistics industry comprises aiding manufacturers or traders with transporting their goods internationally. Therefore, Establishing a presence near the busy Jebel Ali port would appeal to the numerous Dubai enterprises that export items overseas regularly.

Because of its strategic geographical location, the region has become a vital import and export hub.


UAE Construction

Development never stops in the UAE, with new buildings and structures established regularly, offering a chance for engineers and other experts in this industry to develop or participate in a business. Similarly, enterprises that sell raw materials required to construct buildings are still a few compared to the demand.

Dubai alone had approximately 3,200 active projects totaling USD 245 billion in early 2017. This amount is most likely a result of the preparations for Expo 2022, which has contributed around USD 42.5 billion to build the project.

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